We create a personal security and protection system from scratch, basing on stipulated conditions and suggested security procedures involving active and passive personal protection, so that we can prevent danger at all times.

When organising personal protection, we follow the principle of ensuring maximum safety with minimal interference in our client’s daily life. To this end, we conduct field research which enables us to draw up a risk analysis and a proper protection plan. In order to efficiently perform our tasks, we select forces and resourses for each task individually.

We offer the following services in VIP personal protection:
  • Physical and technical protection of our client and their family
  • Preparing and securing the protected person’s place of residence
  • Preparing and securing the protected person’s journeys and flights
  • Protection of premises, and residential and office buildings
  • Ensuring protection during business trips and vacations
  • Comprehensive protection of talks, meetings and business negotiations
  • Protection of foreign delegations
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