SZTORM Security Agency is a licenced company specialising in complex protection of people and property. We focus on quality and efficiency of provided services, we have professional and experienced staff and highest-class equipment. The latest techniques of recruitment and monitoring, flexibility, and professionalism put our company at the forefront of the Polish security market when it comes to the quality of services and to the dynamics of development.

SZTORM Security Agency provides you with a fresh look at the comprehensive implementation of security services, uncompromising quality policy, constructive technical and personal supervision, experience, and commitment of our employees.

We take full responsibility for the people and property we are to protect. We guarantee efficient and reliable performance of the tasks entrusted to us, which gives you sense of security, and certainty that you and your property are properly protected.

The protection service is designed to meet the requirements of a client, and it includes the specificity of the facility, the protection plan, and risk analysis. It allows us to organise protection in such a way, that its operating costs were proportionate to possible risks and fitted your security budget.

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Our location Grunwaldzka 613 street, Gdańsk